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Top 10 most amazing unique interesting facts in hindi, which will shake your mind, do you want to know


Why does the dog drink water with its tongue? Why can't animals like horse, cow, buffalo do it?

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Top 10 most amazing unique interesting facts in hindi, which will shake your mind, do you want to know
Top 10 most amazing unique interesting facts in hindi

Top 10 most amazing unique interesting facts in hindi, which will shake your mind, do you want to know

We know that there are many differences between beings thousands of years ago and today. Previously all beings lived on their own land or water. The person who got the food, ate it. For example, they used to live by protecting from each other. But gradually these things started changing.

Some animals became carnivorous animals and some became vegetarian animals. The dog is also one of these carnivorous predatory animals, who drink water by bouncing it from the tongue into the mouth. The reason for this is that the jaws of such animals are wide and the lips are thin. For this reason, the tooth is easily used to catch and chew. We do speaking, drinking etc. With the help of lips. Our lips are thick and so big that we twist them into a tube. In this same tube-like condition, we are able to draw water in it. Therefore, animals whose lips are thin and jaw wide cannot drink water with the help of lips like us. That is why carnivorous predatory animals drink water by bouncing it from the tongue into the mouth.

Why are cloudy nights warmer than cleaner nights?

Earth loses heat of its surface by radiation, but when there are clouds, this heat is reflected back by the clouds and returns back to Earth, which keeps the nights warm. When the sky is clean, the heat of the earth's surface dissolves in the sky and the nights are relatively warm.

What is war? Why does iron rust, why not other metals?

A brownish-black layer forms on the iron surface. It slowly goes inside and makes iron weak. This is called war. This corrosion is formed when oxygen in the air reacts with iron. It is necessary to have moisture for this action. Whether the moisture comes from water falling on it or from the vapor present in the air. In this chemical activity, a new substance is formed whose properties are different from both iron and air. Many impurities commonly present in iron speed up the rusting process. Corrosion can be reduced or almost stopped by mixing iron in special proportions with some other metals. To make such a mixture many specific procedures have to be done. One of such processes is melting of metals. An example of such a mixture is stainless steel.

Other metals also react with gases and vapors present in the air and create new substances. For example, a green layer accumulates on copper, which is formed by the vapor and carbon dioxide reacting with copper. Yes, many metals have almost no effect on the atmosphere. Rust produced by the action of other metals by air or material is not called corrosion. But there is not much difference in principle between the action of metals with moist air and rusting of iron.

Top 10 most amazing unique interesting facts in hindi

Why does sweat and tears have a salty taste?

Their taste is salty due to the sodium chloride present in sweat and tears. Both tears and sweat contain salts as well as minerals and some other chemicals. When the quantity of salts is more than the quantity required by the body, then they are taken out. Mainly, the kidneys do this work, but some amount of salts are also removed with sweat.

Why does a diamond shine?

The main reason for the sparkle of diamond is its transparent and its refractive index is very high. Its refractive index for red light is 2.465. The rays of light do not come out after going inside it, but change inside itself. Due to this complete internal refraction, the diamond appears shiny.

Why does the layer freeze after some time in hot milk or tea?

The layer that builds up in milk or tea is due to a protein called albumin present in the milk. As such, all proteins naturally form clots when heated. Albumin would do likewise. This pushed albumen is lighter than other ingredients on hot milk or tea because the upper layer of milk is broken and mixed with milk when it is rapidly rotated. That is why after some time the layer in hot milk or tea freezes.

Top 10 Most Amazing, Unique, Interesting, Scientific, Random Facts In Hindi

Why are they forbidden to step on foot when soldiers cross a bridge?

The sound waves produced by a sound source sometimes cause intense vibration in some other nearby object. This is possible only if the natural frequency of the sound waves of a nearby object is the same as the frequency of the sound waves generated by that source. This principle is called resonance, which is why soldiers are ordered not to walk step by step when a troop passes through a dolon bridge, otherwise their frequency is equal to the natural frequency of the bridge. There is a possibility of causing rapid and dangerous resonance vibrations in the bridge and the bridge may break.

Why does the egg become solid on boiling?

The inner part of the egg is made up of a special type of protein that keeps the liquid at normal temperature. On heating, this protein disintegrates and takes a solid state under chemical action. In fact, this protein is soluble in water and when heated, it freezes by the action of clotting. By the way, there is relatively more fat in the egg yolk which keeps it warm when it is heated.

What is plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is the branch of surgery that is commonly used to correct physical deformities. The damaged tissue of the body is removed and new tissues are planted. By this, repair and replacement of deformed facial nerve tissues etc. are done.

Top 10 Most Amazing Unique Interesting Facts In Hindi

Why do some people have nose bleeds in summer?

The surface of the nostril and the wall between the two nasal pores is covered by a thin and moist membrane mucus or mucous membrane. Many thin blood veins carry blood near its fold. Due to the drying of this membrane in the heat, the blood veins break due to mild shock, loud sneeze or any other reason and blood starts falling from the nose.

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