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Baby In Donkey Stomach Part 2, Moral Story | Hindi Kahaniya, Moral Stories


Baby In Donkey Stomach Part 2, Moral Story | Hindi Kahaniya, Moral Stories

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Baby In Donkey Stomach Part 2, Moral Story | Hindi Kahaniya, Moral Stories
Baby In Donkey Stomach Part 2

Now we are going to see how Radha and Sundar lead their lives

Now Radha and Sunder live in the forest and eat green grass, but a hunter sees them there and the hunter thinks in his mind, oh this is a donkey and a female donkey, if I can catch them and go to sell, I have a lot of profit. Will go Saying this, the hunter takes the juice from him and goes to both of them and puts it in his neck. Then the donkey speaks from the female donkey, fortunate, it will now catch us and what should we do now. Then the donkey says, I do not understand anything, it is not going to leave us now, it is our karm. Then the female donkey says, "Yes, I am feeling fortunate. Come on, if done too much, it will kill us and hurt us." Yes, now both of them go out with that hunter and that hunter starts selling them both in the market.

The price of a pair of donkey and female donkey is only 5 thousand rupees, come and go, this deal is of benefit.  On hearing this, two or three people come there and say, oh brother, this female donkey is a womb, there is a child in its stomach. It also has no work and we cannot even get it done. Then the hunter says, "Hey brother, after a few days, this female donkey will come in handy, don't you worry about it, these two will do a lot of work." If you want, you can try it. If you are saying this, then okay, we see some stuff on its back so that we will know whether this donkey is really useful or not. It was found out that all these people are going to put a lot of burden on us and it happened that they put a huge burden on both of them. He shouted in pain because he was not used to carrying the burden.

Then the person who bought it says, "Hey, this donkey is of no use to me." Now what will I do with these donkeys then the hunter says, Oh no - no brother, it is only 5 thousand rupees for you, you give only 5 thousand rupees. Then the person buying says, I don't want anything. Keep this donkey with you. Then another man comes there, that man was a potter. Seeing all this, he came there and says, "Brother, how many donkeys did I want to buy, to take the soil and to sell the pot." Then the hunter says, brother, this donkey is for you only for 5 thousand rupees. Take these, now the potter goes after buying them and goes home and ties them outside his house and goes to sleep in the house. That is when the donkey speaks to the female donkey, it is going to take us to the market to fetch mud and sell the pot. Then female donkey says yes, I also feel the same, it is a punishment for all our actions. We will have to suffer all this. Then the donkey says yes, fortunate it is true. Now both of them sit outside thirsty hungry all day and go to sleep and wait for what will happen next day.

Now the next day the potter gives his donkeys some grass, both of them break down on food due to being hungry all day and after eating the potter takes them to the river. The donkeys become very happy after drinking water and now due to having food, they felt quick in their body and for this reason, the potter now leaves for home with a sack of mud on his back. He puts a sack of excess weight on the donkey and a sack of less weight on the female donkey. For this reason, he was spending his life comfortably. Now the days of female donkey were filling and even the female donkey was not able to bear much burden, seeing this all the potter used to give him less work. By the way, the potter was a true human being. He used to take good care of both of them and now after a few days he stopped getting the female donkey to work. Seeing all this, female donkey said to her husband one day, this potter is a very good man. How well it is keeping me.

Then the donkey says, yes, lucky you are telling the truth, this person is good. When we are freed from this curse, we will express our heartfelt gratitude to this potter. Then the female donkey says yes, we will definitely do this. Now after doing all these things, the donkey and the female donkey sleep comfortably and the next day both of them get busy in their work and while working, the female donkey had completed 9 months and now the donkey baby was to be born. He gave birth to a beautiful child and now both of them could speak in human voice. Seeing all this, the potter is shocked and speaks to himself how the man was born to a female donkey, how I did not understand anything. Then the donkey and the female donkey say that the owner is our child, then the potter says to both of us, can you both speak then the donkey says yes, the owner can speak. We are both human but we are transformed into a donkey and female donkey due to curse. It is a punishment for our actions. Then the female donkey says, yes owner, now we can say can you please us.

Then the potter says, what do you want to say, then the female donkey says, owner, till our child grows up, you will take care of it. Please give us such a promise. Then the potter says, what are you saying, if this is true, then I will take care of it like my child. You can be sure I will take care of it like my child. Then the female donkey says, boss, your heart is very big, a man like you is one in a million, thank you very much, boss. After saying this, the female donkey starts crying and in her heart she was thanking the potter. Now a few days pass and after a few days the donkey and female donkey were very happy to see their son, because the potter has no children, he takes care of the child with great care. Now a few years pass and the female donkey child grows up. Now he goes to Siddha Baba as told by the female donkey and there he meets Siddha Baba and says Pranam Baba.

Then Siddha Baba says, come sit baby, today I am going to tell you everything about your parents. Come sit here, now Baba starts telling him how he becomes a donkey and a female donkey due to curse from human, the child is shocked to hear all this and asks those Siddha Baba the solution for his release. Then Siddha Baba says, now you have to go home and sprinkle this water on your parents and they will be transformed into a man and woman as before. Then the child says thank you Baba, after saying this, the child goes away from there with the blessings of Siddha Baba and after coming home, he meets his mother and father and sprinkles water on his body and his parents in the form of donkey female donkey now become human. Go Seeing all this, the child becomes very happy and the potter, his mother and father, live together and spend their lives well.

Lesson: - So, we learn this from this story. Any work should be done sparingly in life. One should always help the needy in life.

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