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Badshahi Mahabharata: Akbar - Birbal Short Moral Stories for Kids In English


Badshahi Mahabharata: Akbar - Birbal Short Moral Stories for Kids

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Badshahi Mahabharata: Akbar - Birbal Short Moral Stories for Kids
Akbar Birbal Ki Kahaniyan

Badshahi Mahabharata: Akbar And Birbal Ki Kahani

Emperor Akbar had the idea that Shahi Mahabharata should be written on the lines of Mahabharata to give information about himself to the next generation. For this, Birbal thought it appropriate. Therefore, he told his wish to Birbal. "Huzoor, the royal Mahabharata will be ready soon as you wish, but some expenses will be incurred." Birbal said. Then Emperor Akbar gave Birbal five thousand currencies from the royal treasury and up to six months.

Birbal came home and spent the currency in public service and he rested for six months. At the end of time, he made a truss of some plain paper, appeared in front of Emperor Akbar and said - "Where the wall, the royal Mahabharata is ready, but something is missing, for this we will have to consult Begum Sahiba because some things related to them  Still to be written."

"Birbal, you can meet Begum Sahiba and ask her whatever you want to ask her ... We are allowed." Said Emperor Akbar. On getting permission from the emperor, he departed towards Begum's chamber. After reaching there, he sent Begum Sahiba. The king told about Akbar's royal Mahabharata and said - "Begum Sahiba, you know that Draupadi had five husbands in the Mahabharata, so now this royal Mahabharata is written on the orders of Huzur, but it cannot be completed till then. Until you tell who the other four husbands are besides the king? "

On hearing this, Begum Sahiba got out of control and snatched the truss from Birbal's hands and set it on fire. When this news reached Emperor Akbar, he laughed a lot and said to Birbal - "I know that you did not write any royal Mahabharata, and you also spent five thousand currencies in public service, but this time with your intelligence you won the bet." "Huzoor, if I ask you to try to write the Shahi Mahabharata again, Birbal Ji said." "No, not now, go see the work of the court, everything has been disturbed for six months." Emperor Akbar said with a smile.

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