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Story Of Emperor Akbar And Birbal, Birbal Caught Cotton Thief


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Story Of Emperor Akbar And Birbal, Birbal Caught Cotton Thief
Emperor Akbar And Birbal

Story Of Emperor Akbar And Birbal

Emperor Akbar used to import large quantities of cotton through brokers to promote the handloom business and gave it to the artisans who cut the cotton at a very cheap rate, which they used to survive. They would cut the cotton from the artisan cotton and return it to the court, and from the court the cotton was sold again to the traders, but when the calculation was done at the end of every month, the quantity of cotton would get disturbed. Even after trying in every way, the theft of cotton was not caught, then Emperor Akbar handed over this work to Birbal. When Birbal investigated, he found that the brokers who sell cotton, the mess is on their behalf and it was not known who is the thief among these brokers.

Even after trying hard, when the cotton thief could not be found, Birbal summoned all the cotton brokers to the court. At first he kept talking about the loss from the cotton business. Then some thought, "If the situation remains the same then we will have to stop this cotton trade. I do not want all the brokers to be harmed by a thief, by the way, the thief is very clever and one of you. I know him, he only steals by reducing the amount of cotton and after coming to the court he also hides some cotton in a turban, I will talk to him in private later."

Birbal Caught Cotton Thief

After saying all this, Birbal started keeping a close watch on all the brokers. He was watching each of their actions. The cotton thief was also among those touts. Birbal felt that a broker's turban might have cotton on it. He shoved his hand on his turban after saving eyes. Seeing all this, Birbal ji immediately ordered him to be arrested. When he was subjected to strictness, he accepted stealing cotton. Birbal sent him to jail. Emperor Akbar was very happy with the cotton thief being caught.

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