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English Essay on the miracle of science | Miracle of science Essay


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English Essay on the miracle of science | Miracle of science, Essay
English Essay on the miracle of science

English Essay on the miracle of science | Miracle of science Essay

Why do we feel cold after bathing?

When we bathe we feel freshness. We feel cold when the wind blows after bathing. Because the evaporation of water takes place anyway, but this process of evaporation takes place rapidly when the wind blows and the result is that the temperature of the body drops due to the heat being expended by the body for this action and we get  Cold starts.

Water gets cold in the pitcher while other pots do not, why?

Cold water is based on the action of evaporation. The clay pitcher has innumerable holes on the outer surface. On which the internal water collects after the leak. When the air of the atmosphere collides with them, the latent heat required for evaporation is taken from the water inside, which causes the water inside the pitcher to cool. Conversely, there is no perforation on the surface of other utensils, hence the evaporation of water is not possible due to which the water does not cool.

Why does it not hurt to bite nails?

The nail is made up of dead cells.  Blood cells are not found in the nail. Therefore, there is no pain on cutting.

A huge ship keeps drifting in water, but the blade sinks in water, why?

The ship is made of iron sheet in such a way that there is a lot of empty space inside it. For this reason, the weight of the water removed by the submerged part of it becomes equal to the weight of the ship, passengers and luggage etc.  Hence the ship floats on water.  In contrast, the weight of water removed by the blade would have been less than the weight of the blade.  Hence the blade sinks in water.

Water sticks to the finger, but no mercury, why

The force used to stick an object is adhesion and fusion force. The adhesion force is the force that exerts between the fluid and the finger. The cohesive force is the force that exerts between molecules of fluid. On This force explains the action of surface tension of fluid. If the adhesion force is greater than the fusion force, only then does the fluid stick to an object. The adhesion force in water is higher than the fusion force. Because of which it moistens the hands. In contrast, mercury does not wet the hand due to high surface tension.In other words, the fusion force of mercury is higher than the adhesion force.

Why not sleep under a tree at night?

Plants consume carbon dioxide in sunlight and make their food and release oxygen through photosynthesis. But at night they release karbon dioxide. Therefore, one should not sleep under trees at night.

Glass is broken by pouring hot tea in thick glass glass, but it does not happen in thin glass glass.

Normally any solid object spreads by obtaining heat because the covalent bonds that bind the molecules of matter with heat become loose. When we pour hot tea in a thick glass glass, the inner surface of the glass tries to spread quickly by getting heat from hot tea and the outer surface whose temperature is equal to the atmospheric temperature. Being away from the inner surface, there is no effect of thermal changes happening there. Due to this, he maintains his position unchanged, but due to the expansion of heat in the inner surface, the outer surface is cracked and the glass breaks.In contrast, both the outer and inner surfaces of the thin glass glass undergo similar thermal changes, which do not break the glass.

Why do some climbers have blood coming out of their noses while climbing a mountain?

The fluid always moves from a high pressure area to a low pressure area. As we move from sea level to altitude, the atmospheric pressure decreases. The climber is unable to cope with this changed situation, so blood starts coming out of his nose.

Why does a man lose his memory?

With the increasing age - when the muscle cells that make up the brain, gradually start to die, which reduces the efficiency of human beings. The age at which this process begins varies among humans. An adult person has only as many muscle cells as he has at birth. These cells do not multiply with the growth of the body as in bone or skin cells. In fact, as a person increases in age, the nerve cells in him gradually start to decrease. Because these cells do not divide, new cells are not replaced in place of dead cells, but are replaced by glycol cells. At the age of seventy or eighty, about a quarter of the muscle cells are eliminated. This is the reason that human memory decreases with age. Sometimes, by accident, a person's nerve cells suddenly become inactive, which causes the memory of the person.

Why does a piece of ice float on water?

When water becomes ice, the volume increases and the density of ice decreases. Therefore, ice floats on water due to the density of water.

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